Thursday, February 10, 2011

So, remember I was talking about having a new engine put into my Jeep Cherokee. How excited I was at the thought of having a like new engine in it and how it wasn't really all that expensive to do it? Well, the old engine is sitting side by side on engine stands next to the new one. I stopped in today to see how things were going and watched some of the process. I was amazed that someone could take all this stuff apart and put it back together again.

Anyway, when they took the old engine out they found several things that needed to be repaired. First, the exhaust manifold has a few cracks that need to be welded to fix it ($30.00) to make it right. The coil ($40.00) is cracked and needs to be replaced. The catalytic converter ($90.00) is rusted and has stuff inside that rattles and of course has to be replaced. And one of the motor mounts ($12.00) was cracked and needs to be replaced. So the bill just got almost $175.00 higher. But I try to put a positive light on things and I'm glad they found these things and can replace them while everything is all apart rather than having to spend a LOT more money to replace these one at a time with everything together. With any luck this is all they'll find that needs to be fixed. Keep your fingers crossed!

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