Monday, January 12, 2009

Show Me The Buttons

Above is a really pretty scarflette made by and next to that a lovely shawl made by Julia of Keep sending me pictures!!

Here is a really sexy and adorable pair of Marietta Spats from Efia of She has some really adorable things in her etsy shop. You should check it out.

I get really excited when my customers on Etsy send me photos of things they make using my buttons, shawl pins, and shawl pin sets. I mentioned to my wife that it would be really neat to have a sort of photo album of all of these pictures. She told me I should start a blog page. A WHAT? I said to her...LOL Well, I got on the phone to the grandson and asked if he could help me out. His standard reply "Sure if you take me fishing this weekend" led to this blog. I still honestly don't know what it is, but as instructed I'm typing this paragraph. When you purchase buttons from me in my etsy shop I will ask you to send me pictures of the beautiful sweaters, scarves, cowls and anything else create using my buttons. With your permission I will begin adding them here on my blog page. I want to see how many I can get before Christmas this year. Here is the first few.