Monday, February 14, 2011

Cabin Fever Broke Today

Okay, no more whining about the snow after a day like today. Mid 60s with plenty of sunshine. I got ole Bessy back today too and she's running like new again. I ended up putting about $550.00 in new parts on her and she's loving it. Now I have to sell more stuff to pay for it, so visit my shop at and buy lots of stuff!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

So, remember I was talking about having a new engine put into my Jeep Cherokee. How excited I was at the thought of having a like new engine in it and how it wasn't really all that expensive to do it? Well, the old engine is sitting side by side on engine stands next to the new one. I stopped in today to see how things were going and watched some of the process. I was amazed that someone could take all this stuff apart and put it back together again.

Anyway, when they took the old engine out they found several things that needed to be repaired. First, the exhaust manifold has a few cracks that need to be welded to fix it ($30.00) to make it right. The coil ($40.00) is cracked and needs to be replaced. The catalytic converter ($90.00) is rusted and has stuff inside that rattles and of course has to be replaced. And one of the motor mounts ($12.00) was cracked and needs to be replaced. So the bill just got almost $175.00 higher. But I try to put a positive light on things and I'm glad they found these things and can replace them while everything is all apart rather than having to spend a LOT more money to replace these one at a time with everything together. With any luck this is all they'll find that needs to be fixed. Keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bessy gets a new engine

Way back in 1993 I purchased the only new vehicle I've ever owned. There was a year end closeout sale on Jeep Cherokees at the local dealership. I went in, looked, negotiated, and drove away in a brand new, cherry red Jeep Cherokee 4x4 SUV. In the last 18 years it has provided me with unending loyalty and reliability. Recently though she began to show some signs that things weren't right. Her oil pressure started to drop a bit, and she started to leak a little oil, and was burning a bit too. I grew concerned and made an appointment with her at the engine doctor. We discussed her habits, how I drove her etc. After a check-up he stated that with nearly 300,000 miles she was getting pretty tired and worn down. And that he didn't know how many more miles she had left in her. I was deeply saddened by this news as you grow attached to something after that long a period of time. It is a love/love relationship. I've taken very good care of her, and she in turn has been very good to me. He suggested I start looking around for a replacement vehicle just in case.

Well I did some soul searching, thinking back on all the great memories we shared together. I decided there was no way I was going to spend money on someone else's junker only to be in the same boat again probably in a short period of time. With Bessy I know what I have and aside from her engine everything else is in wonderful condition.

So I called the best engine rebuilders I know and ordered a newly remanufactured engine for her. It cost me just under $1,750 delivered and is being installed today. The new engine comes with a 7 year/70,000 mile warranty which is unheard of today. The cost of installation is $650.00 which includes all new belts, hoses, an O2 sensor, and brand new Sylvania Silverstar headlights. So for $2,400 she has been given a new lease on life. Where can you find a used car for $2,400 that you will have any confidence in it lasting for 70,000 miles? Trust me you cannot find such a car out there.

I look forward to spending many more years behind the wheel of this loyal friend.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cabin Fever

Well I have to admit, even though the snow is beautiful I'm ready for spring. My shop is unheated so I have to bundle up to go to work to try to keep warm. Have you ever tried to hold onto a 3/4" diameter, thin slice of wood and sand it wearing mittens? Trust me it's no easy task. But I'm old and stubborn so I persevere. But I long for the spring when I can take my work outside in the fresh spring air. We're expecting more snow this week. Heck, I moved to North Carolina to get away from all the darn snow!!! If this keeps up I am seriously considering buying a snow shovel. But know if I do it will never snow here again. It's just how my luck runs. OH, I stumbled on an etsy shop today I just had to share with ya'll. It was like opening my first lingerie catalog back as a young boy and getting all excited. The shop is with all of the items handmade by Carmen. Her shop has inspired me to consider coming up with a way to model my buttons in a similar fashion. Perhaps tie some onto the hair of my chest? I'll have to give it more thought. But I loved all of the feather items in Carmen's shop and encourage you to check them out. Okay, lunch is over. Time to bundle back up and head to the shop.