Sunday, September 27, 2009

Well it rained here most of the weekend which was great for my mums, but not so great for getting any yard work done! It now looks like the weather is going to clear up and the temperature is going to drop this week. I think the knitters and crocheters are starting to gear up for this fall and winter as button sales are picking up in my etsy shop If you knit or crochet please stop by as my shop is overflowing with beautiful handcrafted tree branch buttons. If you happen to read this blog post and do buy some buttons please include a note in the checkout letting me know this. I would greatly appreciate it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wooden Treasures Winners Circle

On Tuesday we drew the names of the three winners of my latest giveaway promotion. I sent them each an email today (Wednesday) letting them know of their good fortune. I asked for their permission to post their names here on my blog page and hopefully they will agree.

I have already heard back from the Grand Prize Winner who is from California. Her name is Maria Policano from Southern California. She said, and I quote "I cannot believe I won these amazing buttons. I will have to get busy making things to use them on. Thank you so so much for this great treat. You have made my day".

Second Prize was awarded to Angela De Ciccio of Canada. I say this really made her day as she had forgotten all about the drawing. She made her purchase very close to the beginning of the contest back in early August.

Third Prize was awarded to Wendy Ritchy from DeLand, Florida. Wendy had this to say when she found out she had won. "Whooohooo!! I haven't ever won anything before :c) guess I need to stop trying & it will just happen like this ~ hehe ~ thanks so much! I actually didn't even see anything about the giveaway when I bought the buttons (which I love ~ thanks!) "

So there you have it. All of the winners from my most current promotion. I would love to have you send me some photos of items you've created using my buttons. I will post them here along with a link to your etsy shop if you have one.

All I can say is...Ya'll need to start checking my shop announcements. I have a LOT of promotional giveaways and drawings for free goodies. It's all about giving something back to those who support my shop. Check it out at

My next promotion, although not a huge one, will start on Monday Sepetember 14th. The winner of this promotion will win a $40.00 shopping spree in my Etsy Shop. There will only be 30 entries in this "contest" so your chances of winning are very good even if you only buy one item. Watch my etsy shop front page for details.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Halfway There

Well we're over halfway there in the current free goodies giveaway! Only 49 more entries left to win one of the three prizes. I hope everyone isn't waiting until the last minute to grab a chance! Don't risk losing out on a chance to win all of those tree branch buttons and shawl pins.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1,000th Etsy Shop Sale Free Giveaway Promotion

As I approach another milestone in my Etsy shop I felt it only right to add some excitement and give something back to my customers. To that end I am having another freebie giveaway.

How it works is very simple. Starting with my 901st sale, all the way through sale number 1,000, each item you purchase earns you one entry in the freebie giveaway. So even if you purchase just one item you have a 1 in 100 chance of winning. Much better odds than say....the lottery!

This giveaway will have three prizes to be awarded.

The First Prize will be an assortment of 75 of my tree branch buttons, and a pair of my famous crooked stick shawl pins. At an average of $2.00 per button and $18.00 per shawl pin, the First Prize has a retail value of nearly $190.00

Second prize is none too shabby either. You will receive an assortment of 50 of my tree branch buttons, and one of my famous crooked stick shawl pins. Second Prize has a retail value of $118.00

Third Prize will be an assortment of 25 of my tree branch buttons, and one of my famous crooked stick shawl pins. Value for the Third Prize is nearly $70.00

So I will be giving away nearly $400.00 worth of buttons and shawl pins in this free giveaway.

Below are three photos showing you the First, Second, and Third Prize Packages.

I sincerely want to wish everyone who participates the very best of luck. And thank you for your business and patronage.

Shown above are the Third Prize Goodies
Shown above are the Second Prize Goodies

Shown above are the First Prize Goodies

Friday, July 17, 2009

World Travelers

I was recently contacted to craft 450 big buttons to be used on oversized cowls. The buyer is from Brooklyn, N.Y. During our conversation she informed me she was packing her bags for a trip to Peru where her cowls are being manufactured. We agreed to a date that I would ship the buttons to her so she could take them with her on the trip. The buttons arrived safely and on time. Two days later they boarded a plane bound for South America. Once there they were delivered to the knitting shop to be added to the cowls. When all finished they will be shipped to exclusive, high end boutiques in Los Angeles and NYC. Imagine a shopper from France sees one of the cowls and purchases one and takes it home with her. The two buttons will have, at that point, travelled thousands of miles. And to think they were about to become mulch before I rescued them.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Show Me The Buttons

Above is a really pretty scarflette made by and next to that a lovely shawl made by Julia of Keep sending me pictures!!

Here is a really sexy and adorable pair of Marietta Spats from Efia of She has some really adorable things in her etsy shop. You should check it out.

I get really excited when my customers on Etsy send me photos of things they make using my buttons, shawl pins, and shawl pin sets. I mentioned to my wife that it would be really neat to have a sort of photo album of all of these pictures. She told me I should start a blog page. A WHAT? I said to her...LOL Well, I got on the phone to the grandson and asked if he could help me out. His standard reply "Sure if you take me fishing this weekend" led to this blog. I still honestly don't know what it is, but as instructed I'm typing this paragraph. When you purchase buttons from me in my etsy shop I will ask you to send me pictures of the beautiful sweaters, scarves, cowls and anything else create using my buttons. With your permission I will begin adding them here on my blog page. I want to see how many I can get before Christmas this year. Here is the first few.