Friday, June 18, 2010

I Do

"I Do"

Those two little words seem innocent enough don't they?

A beautiful bride standing at the altar
looking into the eyes of the man she will love forever. Gently he takes her hand
into his. They exchange their vows, and finally say to each other...."I do".

Ceremony complete, everyone
heads to the reception which is where I come in.

This time of year, and on
through the fall I am kept very busy creating handcrafted wooden place card
holders for the wedding tables. These simple yet elegant holders are a
focal point on the tables. Most couples use one on each table to designate the
table number. Others purchase one for every guest and print small cards
with their names so they know exactly where they're seated.

The photo above shows some of the more elegant holders I
offer. These were cut from an absolutely stunning red oak tree which had fallen
of all places right behind my house on the edge of the woods. Beautifully
spalted, the colors just take your breath away. The heart shaped wire are
handmade by Lisa and she does a fabulous job making these. These take a
lot longer to make than some shown below. But I think for something as special
as your wedding day spending a few extra dollars should be allowed.

Shown above are my best sellers. Simple, yet elegant in design.
The spiral wire design will hold a larger paper stock than the hearts just by
the virtue of the design. I offer an upgrade in the wires to a heavier gauge for
a small charge per piece. This offsets the extra cost of the heavier wire stock.

If you think you might be interested in some of these for your upcoming wedding head to my shop and click on the wedding goodies tab on the right. Please be aware that I have already had to turn down some orders because the soon to be wed did not plan far enough in advance to purchase these. For small orders (10-30 holders) it's usually less than a week to have them in the mail. For larger orders more time is required. If I am not 100% sure I can fill your order on time I will not take the order. I would feel horrible if I were not able to fulfill my end and leave your wedding tables void of my holders. So come to the shop and take a look around.

You might even spot the handcrafted cufflinks I make. Absolutely perfect gift for the groom to give to his mates, dad, and future father-in-law as a pre wedding gift

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beginning today and going through the end of March I will be posting one item in my Etsy shop that will be priced so low you'll think I've gone just absolutely insane! Today's item has already been listed. Take a look if it's not already sold.