Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cabin Fever

Well I have to admit, even though the snow is beautiful I'm ready for spring. My shop is unheated so I have to bundle up to go to work to try to keep warm. Have you ever tried to hold onto a 3/4" diameter, thin slice of wood and sand it wearing mittens? Trust me it's no easy task. But I'm old and stubborn so I persevere. But I long for the spring when I can take my work outside in the fresh spring air. We're expecting more snow this week. Heck, I moved to North Carolina to get away from all the darn snow!!! If this keeps up I am seriously considering buying a snow shovel. But know if I do it will never snow here again. It's just how my luck runs. OH, I stumbled on an etsy shop today I just had to share with ya'll. It was like opening my first lingerie catalog back as a young boy and getting all excited. The shop is feathercreations.etsy.com with all of the items handmade by Carmen. Her shop has inspired me to consider coming up with a way to model my buttons in a similar fashion. Perhaps tie some onto the hair of my chest? I'll have to give it more thought. But I loved all of the feather items in Carmen's shop and encourage you to check them out. Okay, lunch is over. Time to bundle back up and head to the shop.

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