Friday, July 17, 2009

World Travelers

I was recently contacted to craft 450 big buttons to be used on oversized cowls. The buyer is from Brooklyn, N.Y. During our conversation she informed me she was packing her bags for a trip to Peru where her cowls are being manufactured. We agreed to a date that I would ship the buttons to her so she could take them with her on the trip. The buttons arrived safely and on time. Two days later they boarded a plane bound for South America. Once there they were delivered to the knitting shop to be added to the cowls. When all finished they will be shipped to exclusive, high end boutiques in Los Angeles and NYC. Imagine a shopper from France sees one of the cowls and purchases one and takes it home with her. The two buttons will have, at that point, travelled thousands of miles. And to think they were about to become mulch before I rescued them.

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